Ascencio - Historique

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  • Sale of the shopping complex in Jemappes (Belgium).
  • Acquisition of 3 retail units in the "Bellefleur" retail park in Couillet (Belgium)


  • EPRA Gold Award for the transparency of its sustainability reporting (sBPR).
gold award sbpr erpa


  • Publication of a first Sustainability report, which earned Ascencio a Silver Award from the EPRA sBPR.
  • Takeover of the food retailer Mestdagh by Les Mousquetaires Group. At 01/01/2023 all the Mestdagh supermarkets of Ascencio’s portfolio will go under the banner of Intermarché.
  • Completion of a first bond issue in the form of a private placement for a total amount of €25 million with an average maturity of 4 years.
  • Ascencio opted for the SOCIMI status in Spain.
  • Ascencio strengthens its management team with the nomination of Bernard Sergeant as Director Operations & ESG.


  • Acquisition of a supermarket and 4 adjacent retail units in Bellefleur retail park (Belgium)


  • Acquisition of 5 assets in the food sector in the Southeast of France


  • Eléonore Turcas joins Ascencio as Investment and Asset Management Director France
  • Ascencio’s shares added to the FTSE EPRA Nareit Developed Europe Index
  • Sale of the Pontet retail park, France
Ascencio - Stratégie


  • Acquisition of nine additional retail properties in Parc des Drapeaux in Rots, Caen, France
  • Enlargement of the retail area of Orchestra, Chalon-sur-Saône, France
  • Carl, Eric and John Mestdagh exercise the purchase option granted by AG Real Estate on its shares in Ascencio SA, the statutory manager of Ascencio SCA.
  • Sale of a semi-industrial site in Overijse, Belgium
  • Ascencio is followed by an additional analyst: Frederic Renard (Kepler Chevreux)
  • Division of retail areas occupied by the Worten brand in Spain. The spaces freed up in this way were leased to Kiwoko.
  • Ascencio receives an award from the European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA) and directly obtains the “EPRA Gold Award”.
  • Signing of a commercial lease with Basic Fit for part of the retail park in Pontet, France, bringing the park’s occupancy rate to 100%


  • Appointment of Philippe Scheirlinckx as Head of Asset Management & Acquisitions
  • Purchase of an urban commercial property in Anderlecht, Belgium
  • Appointment of Vincent H. Querton as Chief Executive Officer
  • Purchase of an additional retail area in Couillet (Bellefleur Retail Park), Belgium
Carrefour market


  • Acquisition of the Papeteries de Genval shopping centre, Genval, Belgium, with 30 brands as tenants
  • Sale of 17 non-strategic retail sites, a semi-industrial property and a warehouse
  • Acquisition of the BUT store in Houdemont, Nancy, France
  • Enlargement of a retail unit occupied by Intersport in Rots, Caen, France
  • First investment in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia) with the acquisition of three stores operated by the Worten brand


  • Sale of Grand Bazar (shopping centre) and of all Ascencio’s properties in Verviers, Belgium
  • Acquisition of three Grand Frais stores (in the Southwest of Paris, in Gironde and to the north of Bourg-en-Bresse)
  • Acquisition of four office buildings in France, in Bourgoin-Jallieu, L’Isle d’Abeau, Chanas and Choisey.
  • Acquisition of the Bellefleur retail park in Couillet, Belgium
  • Acquisition of the Go Sports store on the Cora shopping centre, Messancy, Belgium, to complement the units already acquired in 2014
  • Ascencio offers its shareholders the possibility of receiving the dividend in the form of new shares, which entails an increase in equity
  • Completion of the construction of a second building on its Hamme-Mille site, Belgium.


  • Ascencio is approved as a public SIR (Société Immobilière Réglementée, public Regulated Real Estate Company or public B-REIT).
  • Capital increase of €81,502,605
  • Acquisition of five new retail units in the Rots retail park, Caen, France


  • Acquisition if a retail park in Cormontreuil, Reims, France
  • Acquisition of some 30 retail units spread over five sites adjoining the Cora shopping centres (Anderlecht, Châtelineau, La Louvière, Messancy and Rocourt, Belgium)
  • Acquisition of the "Les Portes du Sud" retail park in Chalon-sur-Saône, France


  • Capital increase of €2,425,282 by means of contribution in kind of five properties
  • Acquisition of a retail park in Caen
  • Acquisition of two  Grand Frais stores
  • Opening of the Pontet retail park, France
  • Opening of the Saint Aunes retail park, Montpellier, France


  • Capital increase of €40 million
  • Acquisition of five Grand Frais stores
  • Acquisition of a retail park in a state of future completion (“VEFA”) in Pontet, Avignon, France.
  • Acquisition of the “Le Parc des Bouchardes” retail park near Macon, France.
  • Acquisition of a retail park project in Saint Aunes, Montpellier, France


  • Opening of the French branch.
  • Adoption of the SIIC status.
  • Acquisition of seven  Grand Frais stores in France
Grand frais


  • Acquisition of a retail park located in Jemappes, Belgium.


  • Launched on the Stock Exchange
  • Acquisition of eight retail sites mainly located in the Liège region, Belgium.
  • Acquisition of a retail park located in Hannut, Belgium
  • Acquisition of 29 retail properties in Wallonia


  • Creation of Ascencio.
  • Approval as a Société d’Investissement à capital fixe immobilière (SICAFI, fixed-capital real estate investment company).