Key figures

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Our portfolio is composed of retail properties on the outskirts of urban areas in Belgium, France and Spain, characterised by a predominance of the food sector.

Portfolio growth

(in millions EUR)

Consolidated results (€000s)31/03/202331/03/2022
Rental income25,06623,627
Rental-related charges-155413
Recovery of property charges469341
Taxes and charges not recovered-44-18
Other revenue and expenditure relating to rental176-99
Property result25,51124,263
Property charges-2,312-2,174
Corporate overheads-2,326-2,189
Other income and operating costs10
Operating result before result on portfolio20,87519,900
Operating margin83.3%84.2%
Financial income1,0610
Net interest charges-3,950-2,950
Other financial charges-332-246
EPRA Earnings17,48016,220
Net gains and losses on sales of investment property0-159
Net capital gains realized on the sale of financial assets and liabilities010
Changes in the fair value of investment property7,43812,318
Changes in fair value of financial assets and liabilities-2,41315,908
Deffered tax-266-336
NET RESULT22,23843,961
EPRA Earnings per share (euros)2.652.46
Earnings per share (EPS) (euros)3.376.66
Number of shares 6,595,9856,595,985


Consolidated balance sheet (€000s)31/03/202331/03/2022
Intangible assets3024
Investment properties748,587738,933
Other tangible assets4135
Other non-current financial assets28,65931,514
Current financial assets1,331885
Trade receivables3,0874,956
Cash and cash equivalents2,9484,356
Other current financial assets7,8452,611
Non-current financial debts236,374268,677
Other non-current financial liabilities2,8212,476
Deferred taxes6,4376,170
Current financial debts101,95058,038
Other current liabilities11,75010,939


Consolidated result per share (EUROS)31/03/202331/03/2022
EPRA earnings per share2.652.46
Earnings per share (EPS)3.376.66